Video Lessons

With anytime on-demand access, watch videos that show computer screens, keystrokes, and mouse movements and narration. These are handy references for first-time users, and those who need a refresher on the finer features of the applications.


Video Training Classes

ConnectNow Ledger & Payables

Classes cover the initial startup activities and basics of transaction entry and reporting. Topics include chart of accounts code setup and account entry, beginning balance entry, vendor entry, bill and check processing, other transaction entry, transaction reports, financial statements. Also, user creation, permissions and other topics.

  1. Building a Chart of Accounts
  2. Ledger & Payables System Setup
  3. Getting Started in ConnectNow Ledger & Payables
  4. Transaction Entry
  5. End of Month Processes
  6. Reporting
  7. End of Year Process
  8. Advanced and Troubleshooting

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ConnectNow Payroll

Classes cover initial setup, employee entry, and payroll processing. Topics include pay items, paygroups, deductions and benefits, account distributions, employee entry for lay staff and clergy, payroll process steps, summary and detailed payroll reports.

  1. Payroll Setup
  2. Employee Entry
  3. Payroll Process
  4. Reporting
  5. End of Year Process
  6. Advanced and Troubleshooting

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ConnectNow Accounts Receivable

Classes cover initial setup, customer entry, product & services, sales taxes and customer terms. Topics include creating invoices, payment processing, credit memos and reporting.

  1. Accounts Receivable Setup
  2. Transaction Entry
  3. Reporting

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CMS Desktop Software

CMS Ledger & Payables (Desktop)
Classes cover maintaining the accounts, vendors and tables, as well as the basics of transaction entry and reporting.

CMS Payroll (Desktop)
Classes cover maintaining the deductions, benefits, employees and account distributions, as well as running a payroll process and end of calendar year tasks.

CMS Membership (Desktop)
Classes cover entering and maintaining households and basic reporting tools.

CMS Contribution (Desktop)
Classes cover entering and correcting contributions, reporting tools, contributor statements and end of year processes.

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Notify Now

NotifyNow is a system for broadcasting alerts to multiple communication devices (phone, text and email) simultaneously via a secure web based administrator interface. This training video series will teach you how to utilize your NotifyNow system.

  1. Notify Now Training
  2. Notify Now Administrator Training

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