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Facebook for Your Church!

Building a successful and engaging social media presence

Change may be the only constant when it comes to technology, but social media appears to be here to stay for a while. Why not learn how to leverage your church's Facebook account to touch base with members and spread the word about your church?

Of course, a good social media presence should go hand-in-hand with a polished church website. A Facebook page doesn't replace the need for a website, and spending time evaluating and improving the church website is important. If, however, you're not thrilled with the church website, but stuck with what you've got for a while, a Facebook page is not only a modern, convenient, and free place to engage with your community, but it's also a great place to present your church image and make basic information available.


Tools of the Trade: Facebook for Organizations

Information and Identity

On the church Facebook page, you'll write a description and list key information about your church. Make sure the following are available and up to date!

In addition to presenting this information, the church page can also display your church's unique imagery and branding through the logo and cover photo. Upload images of the appropriate quality that accurately represent your church identity. Feel free to experiment with the cover photo, changing it out for different church seasons, upcoming events, or sermon series!

Helpful Tools

Facebook also provides tools for business pages that can help when managing the church page. Here are a few that you should be aware of:


Making the News Feed Cut

One of the measures of Facebook success is having posts seen by followers (and friends of followers). Don't just assume that all followers will see all posts. Facebook has a complicated algorithm to determine what shows up in a person's News Feed. In order to make an appearance, you'll need people to like, comment on, and share your posts, and the page itself will need to be up to date and active.


What to Post?

Wondering what you should post to solicit likes and attract followers? First off, remember that Facebook is not a bulletin board for church announcements. It's a place to engage. Content needs to be relevant, interesting, and sharable. It should be personal and real — reflecting the heart and mission of your organization. Here are a few ideas (and guidelines) for posting, but keep in mind that your best guide is your Page Insights statistics that will tell you what's working for your audience.


Managing the Facebook Page

Having a plan to manage your church social media is key to succeeding with your Facebook outreach. While you may have multiple administrators for a Facebook page, you should make sure that one person "owns" your Facebook presence. This person should be responsible for updating information, posting regularly, and responding to comments and questions as they arise.

So be present, stay engaged, and continue to work on building a great social media presence for your church on Facebook. We think the results will be worth it!

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