Contributor Statement - Detail doesn't add up to Totals

PROBLEM:  When printing Contributor Statements, the Detailed Entries does not add up to the Total Contributions per fund and/or for all funds.

SOLUTION: From the CMS Contribution System menu, click Reports | Congregation Weekly Summary | Print (do not make any selections on the report).

Go to the last page of the report and jot down the YTD Total To All Funds.

Next, click Reports | Pledge & Contribution Summaries | All Contributors | Print (again, don't make any selections on the report).  

Go to the last page of the report and jot down the Total Contributions to All Funds.

These two numbers add up different things in CMS, but when printing the report for ALL people and ALL funds, they should ALWAYS match! 

If they do not match, from CMS for Windows, click File | Utilities | CMS Table Repair.

On the Table Repair Utility Screen, click Browse in the upper right corner. Find the table CONTRIB.DB and click Open.

Jot down the Number of Records, located about half way down the left side of the screen. You'll need that number in a few seconds.

Click the Verify Button at the bottom of the screen. It will come back with either "Table and Header Verify Okay" or "Table Requires a Rebuild". Jot down this message and click OK.

Click the Rebuild Button at the bottom of the screen. When complete, it will come back with a Number of Records Successfully Recovered. That number should match the number you jotted down previously. Click OK | OK.

Repeat these steps with the following tables:


Once complete, click Close.

Click File | Utilities | Repost Utility | Process.  This will recalculate all of the Quarter to Date, Year to Date, and Calendar YTD totals.

Finally, from the CMS Contribution System, click Process | Calculate Pledge Balances/Set Statement Date | Calculate. This will recalculate all of the Drive to Date Totals in the system.

Now reprint your Congregation Weekly Summary and Pledge & Contribution Summary All Contributors reports.  Your totals should now match and you can reprint your statements as needed.