How to change the check layout in Connect Now Accounting

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How to change the check layout in Connect Now Accounting

PROBLEM: I'd like to adjust some of the items that print on my checks.

SOLUTION: To change the layout of your Connect Now Accounting Ledger & Payables checks, click on the Setup button and choose the option for Check Layout. If you want to change the check layout for your payroll checks, go to the Payroll module and click on the Setup button then choose the option for Payroll Check Layout.

You can change the alignment of the Check Date, Check Amount, Check Number, Check Amount (Words), Check Payee, Check Memo, and Payee Name/Address; as well as the format of the checks. The three supported formats in Connect Now Accounting are: Stub-Check-Stub, Check-Stub-Stub, and Check-Check-Check.
You can also choose whether or not to print the Check number directly on the check stock and whether or not to print the Check Payee in the Pay To the Order of line on your check stock.
The Left and Right margins are adjustable as is the 3 different sections on the check, however, the only thing that you cannot change at this time is the font that prints on the check stock.

Once you have finished making the necessary adjustments to the check layout, click on the Save Settings button to save the changes. You can then print a test check on blank paper by clicking on the Print Test Check button and holding it against your check stock to see if there are any other adjustments that need to be made.
If you accidentally made adjustments to the check layout or you simply want to go back to the last time you clicked Save Settings, click on the Cancel button to not save any of the changes that were made since the last time the Save Settings button was clicked.

You’ll also want to be sure that you’ve purchased the correct check forms. You can go to to purchase check forms guaranteed to work with your Connect Now Accounting Ledger & Payables and Payroll system.

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