Step By Step: Importing from Parishsoft Offering into Connect Now...

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Step By Step: Importing from Parishsoft Offering into Connect Now Accounting

Importing from Parishsoft Offering into Connect Now Accounting is a relatively simple process, the general overview of the process is to export the offerings out of Parishsoft Offering and then import that file into Connect Now Accounting using the Transfer from Parishsoft Offering link in the Process menu. This guide will go through the entire importing process step by step.

To get started, we will need to first start up Parishsoft Offering as that is where the offerings are currently stored. Once Parishsoft Offering is started, you would then go through their export process to export the offerings based on a selected date range. Currently, Parishsoft Offering only allows you to export offerings to Connect Now Accounting based on a date range that you select. Once you have selected the date range, you will then finish the export process; making note of where Parishsoft Offering said they exported the file to. After exporting, if you don't want to keep the file in the default export location; you can copy it to any location on your computer that you want to keep it in.
Now, once we have exported out of Parishsoft Offering, it is time to start up Connect Now Accounting. Once you are logged into Connect Now Accounting, click on the Process button and then click on the Transfer from Parishsoft Offering link. Once you click on that link, you will be presented with the following screen:

Click on the Browse button and the following dialog will open. This dialog will allow you to browse to the location on your computer where the export file is stored.

Once you find the export file, click on it and then click on the Open button. After clicking on the Open button then you will be taken back to the main import screen (see screenshot below). On the main import screen click on the Import button to continue.

The very first time you are importing from Parishsoft Offering, you will need to assign the various Parishsoft funds with an income account. To do this, simply choose an account from the Account dropdown on the following screen and then after all the funds have an income account associated with them; then click on the Submit button to save. If you happen to add any new funds or change any existing funds in Parishsoft Offering, then the next time you import you will need to assign an income account to that fund. Connect Now Accounting doesn't automatically assign income accounts to the Parishsoft Offering funds.

Once you have finished assigning all of the income accounts to the Parishsoft Offering funds and click on the submit button, it is time for the actual import to begin. The following screen will show you all of the contributions that were in the Parishsoft Offering export file. Connect Now Accounting will only show those contributions in total and by date, however Connect Now Accounting does know which income accounts to post which amounts to. So even though Connect Now Accounting just shows the total, by virtue of the previous step it knows what income accounts each of the Parishsoft Offering funds need to be posted to.
To perform the actual import, choose the correct bank account and then make sure to check the Selected checkbox next to each contribution that you want to import. Then click on the Submit button to actually perform the import.

Once the import is complete, Connnect Now Accounting will take you back to the main import screen and will also display a little green banner across the top of the screen notifying you that the import is complete.

Every import will ultimately show up in Connect Now Accounting as a deposit, and can be found in the Deposit Search screen. To get to the Deposit Search screen, click on the Deposits button and then click on the Find Deposit link. You can perform as many imports as you would like, there is no limit to the number of imports you can do. You can choose to import your offerings daily, weekly, or monthly; however we recommend that you import them on a monthly basis at least. This way there are fewer imports, and the bank reconciliation is easier to complete; since every deposit should be accounted for as an actual deposit made to that particular bank.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to import contributions from Parishsoft Offering into Connect Now Accounting, you can search this knowledgebase for more such articles on how to perform other tasks in Connect Now Accounting. We also have some Connect Now Accounting training videos which can be found if you click on the Video Tips and Training tab.

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