How to change a pledge.

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How to change a pledge.

PROBLEM:  A church member has a pledge and would like to change it mid-drive.  How can I do that?

SOLUTION: The key to changing a pledge knowing how much they owed to the point of the change!  Determine the date of the change of the pledge (the last day of the OLD pledge) and from CMS Contribution, click Process | Calculate Pledge Balances/Set Statement Date.  Enter the date of the change and click Calculate.

We're going to use Mark Gardner as an example.  Mark needed to reduce his Monthly Pledge to the Building Fund from $45 per month, to $20 per month, and we're already two years into this four year pledge drive.  He'd like to change his pledge as of the first of April.  So we'll use the Pledge Balance date of 3/31/08.

Once complete, click Find People and go to the Pledge Tab of the member who is changing their pledge.  Go to the fund that has the pledge that is changing.

NOTE:  It's a good idea to click the Print Screen button and print up a screen before you make any changes.

Make a note of the Drive to Date Pledge, located half way down the right column.  This is how much their pledge was initially, before they made a change.

Click the Clear Pledge Button located in the lower left portion of the display.  This will clear out the pledge only and allow you to make your necessary changes.

Enter the new Pledge Type and Amount.  Then in the Begining Date field, enter the date the new pledge will come into effect.  Since Mark wanted his new pledge to take effect April 1st, we'll use the beginnig date of 4/1/08.  Use the same Ending Date that was originally applied to this pledge, unless otherwise noted by the contributor.

Enter the Drive to Date Pledge amount (see above) in the Initial Pledge field.  This is how much the member pledged initially before the change to the pledge was made.  You should now be able to see the new Total Pledge.

In the case of a Multi-Year Pledge, you will need to click the History Tab and calculate the total contributions from Prior Years that should be applied towards this pledge.

In this example, add the contributions from 2006 and 2007 ($1,085.00) since his original pledge began in the year 2006.

Click back to the Pledge Tab and enter the amount from the prior years in the Pre Pay This Year field.


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