How can I advance the kids coded in Classes?

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How can I advance the kids coded in Classes?

PROBLEM:  I have all of last year's kids entered under Classes in Membership, now I'd like to bump them up to the next class.

SOLUTION:  Advancing the Classes in Membership is easy to do!  You'll need to:

Since you will be changing many records at once, it's a good idea to be sure you make a backup of your system before you begin!

Finish up last year's classes... mark the students as "Completed" in the Class

When your Religious Education program is completed for the year, you'll want to mark those current year students as "completed" in the class.

From the Membership Main Menu, click Process | Class Completion.

Enter the date the class was completed in the Class Completion Date.

Click the Classes button and select the classes you'd like to complete.  Click OK.

Click the Sections button and click the Add All button.  Click OK.

Click Process.  This will mark each student with a Registered Status in each of those classes as "Completed" on the date you specified.

Prepare for the new year's classes... Run the Advance to Next Class Process

You can now automatically bump the kids from one class code to another.  Class Codes are different than Grade Levels (which are hard coded in the system) because you can define your own code structure.  You can have multiple classes per grade level if you'd like!

With Advance to Next CLass, you get to tell the system which code is the next code in your progression.

From the Membership main menu, click Process | Advance to Next Class.

You can read through the instructions on screen and click Next.

  1. Enter the Class Complete Date Range from the last school year (this will pull just the kids that completed that class that year, and will eliminate the kids that completed the class in year's past).  See the Class Complete Date Range from the step Finish up last year's classes... mark the students as "Completed" in the Class
  2. Choose the New Class Status of either Pre-Registered (enrolled but tuition not paid) or Registered (enrolled and tuition paid or not-applicable).
  3. Enter the Pre-Requisite Class (last year's class code) and the Next Class (what class they should be in this year) for each of your class codes.
  4. Repeat for all of your class codes that will be advancing.
  5. Click Finish.

Click Yes at the confirmation display.

If using Attendance to track Class Attendance, it's time to re-modify Attendance Groups

If you use the CMS Attendance System and track the Attendance of your Religious Education program, it's time to remodify the group.

From CMS Attendance, click Groups.  Select the first group code for your first class.

Click the Define button on the right side of the display.

You can verify the settings for the class by clicking the Classes button.  Make sure that you're selecting just the class(es) that are associated with this Attendance group.  Click OK.

Click OK at the Group Definition display ....

And the System will automatically add and remove people from the group.  This will remove all of last year's students, and replace them with the current year's students!  Click Yes to continue.

The system will display the names of the students from last year's class who no longer meet the criteria for this class this year.  When it asks if you want to remove, answer Yes (if you want to confirm each student being removed from the attendance group) or Yes to All (to remove them automatically without being prompted).

Once complete, you can re-modify the next Attendance group for the next class.

Once that's complete, you can begin to print your reports for your teachers and track attendance as needed!

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