Install CMS on a Peer to Peer Network - Windows XP Home Server

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Install CMS on a Peer to Peer Network - Windows XP Home Server

This is a reserved area designed to assist those who have purchased Church Management Solutions products.

In this situation, you may have two or more computers networked together. You may choose to install CMS on a computer that will also be using CMS. The server computer is running Windows XP Home Edition.

On the computer that will be functioning as the “server”, follow the steps outlined on the Single Computer Installation Instructions to set up your CMS System.

Once the installation is complete, go to My Computer and right click the Local Disk C: drive and choose Sharing.

Click the checkbox under Network Sharing and Security at Share this folder on the network, and click the checkbox at Allow network users to change my files. Click Apply | OK. (Using the Share Name C or C$).

Once complete, the peer to peer server installation is complete. You can now move on to the workstations.

Click here for instructions on Workstation Installation and Setup

NOTE:  After installing the programs and restoring your data, be sure to run the Online Update to install any missing updates.  Click File | Update | click the dot at Online Update and click OK.  Follow the instructions on screen to install the latest version of the software.

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