CMS Single User Installation

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CMS Single User Installation

This is a reserved area designed to assist those who have purchased Church Management Solutions products.

If you are not on a network, and would like to install CMS as a single user, simply insert the CMS Installation CD in your CD drive. The setup should begin automatically.

If you are re-installing CMS, download the CMS Reinstallation/Workstation Installation file below and choose Run if installing only one product, the setup should begin automatically. 

NOTE:  If installing multiple products and/or multiple locations you may choose to Save the installation file to a CD, Jump Drive, or Network location. 

Click here to download

Click here to download


Click Next at the Welcome screen.

If you are installing CMS on a Network, click the link to print the Network Installation Instructions before continuing.

If you are installing CMS on a single, stand alone computer, click Next.

Click the button People Products if you wish to install/reinstall the following modules:

  • CMS Membership
  • CMS Contribution
  • CMS Attendance
  • CMS Outreach

Click the button at Fund Accounting if you wish to install/reinstall the following the following modules:

  • CMS Ledger & Payables
  • CMS Payroll

If you will be installing both products, you can install only one product at a time.

The installation wizard will ask if you wish to scan for a previous installation, answer Yes.

You must verify the location for your CMS System.

The Default Location for your CMS People Products is C:\CMS4WIN.

The Default Location for your CMS Fund Accounting System is C:\FIN4WIN.

Click Next.

If installing the CMS People Products, you can customize the Membership Status tables in CMS for your church denomination.

Select the appropriate denomination and click Next.

If installing CMS Fund Accounting Products, you can choose to install a Generic or Catholic Chart of Accounts.

If you would prefer to enter your own chart of accounts, or if you have purchased a Chart of Accounts, choose Blank Chart of Accounts and click Next.

Confirm your installation settings and click Next.

The installation wizard will proceed to install your CMS. After a few moments, you will be asked if you would like to add the CMS icon to your desktop. Answer Yes.

Next, you can choose to print installation instructions for a New Installation (for new clients) or for a Re-Installation (for existing clients with new computers). Choose the appropriate instructions and click Next.

A set of instructions will display on your screen. Print these instructions. Click Finish.

Double click the CMS icon on your Windows Desktop. Use the Password CMS and click OK to enter the CMS System.

Backed Up, Converted Data, or Chart of Accounts Installation
(For either People Products or Fund Accounting)

  1. Start CMS People Products or CMS Fund Accounting. Choose Restore from the File menu.
  2. Choose the Simple Restore option.
  3. Insert the CD in your CD drive.
  4. Enter the appropriate CD drive letter. Click OK. A message will display stating that a backup (B4REST.ZIP) of the current data will first be made and saved on the hard drive. Click OK to begin the backup. Once the backup is complete, the restore process will proceed.
  5. Exit CMS or CMS Fund Accounting and then start it again for changes to take effect.

This concludes the installation of backed up, converted data, or chart of accounts for your CMS system.

NOTE:  After installing the programs and restoring your data, be sure to run the Online Update to install any missing updates.  Click File | Update | click the dot at Online Update and click OK.  Follow the instructions on screen to install the latest version of the software.


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