I need to add a new Fund Accounting Workstation on my network.

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I need to add a new Fund Accounting Workstation on my network.

  1. Start off at one of your workstations where CMS is currently installed! We’ll need to double check the settings on an existing workstation to ensure that we are consistent with the setup on the new workstation.

From that existing workstation, open CMS Fund Accounting and enter your password, click OK.

Click Help | About | More Info.

Jot down the NET DIR and WORKING DIR settings on this workstation. In this example, the NET DIR setting is Z:\CMS4WIN, and the Working Directory is also on the Z: drive, but in the FIN4WIN folder. Click Close.

Next on this same existing workstation, double click My Computer. Jot down the mapped drive location (words before the drive letter) of the network drive. In our example, the Z: drive is mapped to the APPS folder on ‘SERVER’ computer, or APPS on ‘SERVER’ (Z:).

Now that you have these bits of information, we can move on to the new workstation!

2.  Before you begin, you will need to ensure that this computer is connected to your church network, and this user has the user rights that allow them to full access (read, write, change, delete) the files in the mapped drive letter.

3.  On the new workstation, double click My Computer.

Click Tools | Map Network Drive.

Click the Browse button at folder and select the same location of the mapped drive letter that you jotted down at the previous workstation. The drive letter itself doesn’t need to be the same, but the folder and computer location must be the same!!

In our example, we’re using drive W on this computer, but the folder \\Server\APPS is the same as the previous workstation. Click Finish.

4.  Go to http://www.churchmanagementsolutions.com/support/downloadreinstall.htm Then click the “Click here to download” link, and choose Run to begin the CMS Reinstallation/Workstation Installation process.

Select the Fund Accounting Workstation Installation option (NOT the full Fund Accounting Installation, make sure it says WORKSTATION) and click Next.

The installation process will go out and scan your computer for a previous installation. The Destination Folder should equal your newly mapped drive letter and the folder FIN4WIN, i.e. W:\FIN4WIN. Click Next.

Click Next and after the installation is nearly complete, answer Yes to add the icon to your Windows Desktop, then click Finish.

Once that’s complete, you’re done! Just double click the CMS Fund Accounting icon on the desktop and it should prompt you for your password. Enter the password and you should be able to see your church name and some account information.

If you have another workstation to install, you’ll need to repeat steps 2 thru 4, just bring the information from step 1 with you to the new workstation!


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