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How to insert a recipient's label information directly on a newsletter or bulletin

You can save yourself a few steps by inserting the name and address directly on your bulletin or newsletter by using a mail merge.

From CMS Membership, click Process | Merge/ Export File | New Report | give it a name, such as Data for Newsletters and click OK.

If you are sending one letter per family, leave the File Type at Household.  If you would prefer to send one letter per person, change the File Type to Person.

Click the Member/Participation Status buttons and select those people whom you would like to include in this file.  For example, you may not want to include those people marked as Deceased or Transferred/Moved.  Click OK.

Make any other selections as you would a set of labels (Activities, Classes, etc.).

Check the box in the lower right corner at Field Names in First Record.

If you have a lot of "Snowbirds", you may also want to check the box at Use Alternate Addresses if in Effect.

Click the Browse button and enter the correct file name and location if you would like to change the file location of the data.

If burning the data to a CD-R/CD-RW, click the Browse button and save the file to the Windows Desktop.  Then using your CD writing application to burn the file to a CD.You may also choose to click the View File button on the right side of the screen to print up the information included in the file.

You may also choose to click the View File button on the right side of the screen to print up the information included in the file.

Click the Output File button on the right side of the screen.

Once complete, exit out of CMS and open Microsoft Word.

You can access Microsoft's step-by-step instructions Word Mail Merge: A Walk Through the Process by clicking here.

Once complete, close out of CMS and open either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher (whichever you use to create your newsletter) and open up your newsletter.  The following instructions are specific to Publisher 2003, but the Word instructions are nearly identical.

Click Tools | Mail and Catalog Merge | Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard.  This should display a step-by-step wizard that will walk you through the merge.

At step 1 of 5, click the dot at Mail Merge and click the Next link at the bottom of that box.

At Step 2 of 5, Select Data Source, choose Use an Existing List and click the Browse link.  

Click the down arrow at Look In and go to your C: drive (or network drive letter if CMS is on a network) | double click the CMS4WIN folder.

Click the down arrow at Files of Type and choose Text files (*.CSV) | and choose News.CSV | Click Open.

At the Text File Connection Parameters, choose Comma as the Text Separator and click the checkbox at First Row of Data Contains Column Headers.  Click OK.

At the listing of Mail Merge Recipients, click OK.  Click Next.

At Step 3 of 5, Create your Publication, create a Text Box (click the boxed T to the left of the word Surname) and insert the Text Box where you want the recipient's name and address to print.

Click the down arrow at Surname and scroll down to Label Name and double click to insert the <<Label Name>> field into the Text Box.

Press the Enter key on your keyboard to drop down one line.  Scroll down to Special Address and double click, then press the Enter key on the keyboard.

Repeat with Delivery Address, City, State and Zip as shown below.  You may want to adjust the text box, font size, type, and color as desired.  Once complete, click Next.

At Step 4 of 5, Preview your Publication, you can scroll through your recipients to ensure proper placement of the address block.  Once you are happy with this layout, click File | Save to save the pre-merged Newsletter. Click Next.

At Step 5 of 5, Complete the Merge, click Print to print to your Printer or Copy Machine.

Next week, you can simply go back into CMS and click Process | Merge Export File | Select the Data for Newsletter Labels | Output File.

This will update your newsletters with any additions, deletions or changes you may have made over the course of the week.

When you go back into Word or Publisher, edit the Pre Merged Newsletter and simply complete the merge!



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