How do I use Speed Update to enter a code for many people?

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How do I use Speed Update to enter a code for many people?

PROBLEM:  You have a code that you need to assign to several people, what's the quickest way of doing this?

SOLUTION: You can use CMS Speed Update to quickly code many fields in CMS!

From CMS Membership, click People | Speed Update.

You can choose to update


In this example, we will assign an Occupation Code of Accountant to all of the Accountants in the database.

Be sure you have a current backup of your system before beginning this process!

From CMS Membership, click People | Speed Update | Person.

Click the down arrow at Fields and choose the field you wish to update.  In our example, we will choose Occupation Code.

Click the up arrow at Value and choose the value you want to assign to that field.  In our example, we will choose Accountants.

Click Select Names.

You may enter the data with your mouse, by scrolling down to the appropriate name and click the checkbox next to the person's name.


You may enter the data with your keyboard, by typing the first few characters of the last name to "jump" to that family.  Press the Enter key on the keyboard to place a checkmark next to their name.

When you have everyone coded, click OK | Update and that code will now be assigned to that person!  

Speed Update Person Fields include:

  • Person Custom Code 1
  • Person Custom Code 2
  • Person Custom Number 1
  • Person Custom Number 2
  • Person Custom Text 1
  • Person Custom Text 2
  • Person Custom Text 3
  • Person Custom Text 4
  • Person Custom Date 1
  • Person Custom Date 2
  • Person Custom Date 3
  • Person Custom Long Text
  • Education Level
  • Employer
  • Grade Level
  • Last Attendance
  • Last Participation
  • Marriage Status
  • Member Date
  • Member Status
  • Member Title
  • Occupation Code
  • Occupation Type
  • Participation Status
  • Record Status
  • School Code
  • Suffix
  • Sunday School

Speed Update Household Fields include:

  • Country
  • House Custom Code 1
  • House Custom Code 2
  • House Custom Number 1
  • House Custom Number 2
  • House Custom Text 1
  • House Custom Text 2
  • House Custom Text 3
  • House Custom Text 4
  • House Custom Date 1
  • House Custom Date 2
  • House Custom Date 3
  • House Custom Long Text 1
  • House Custom Long Text 2
  • Group Code
  • Record Status
  • Title
  • Unit Type

Speed Update Activity Display:

Speed Update Class Display:

Speed Update Baptism Display:

Speed Update Confirmation Display:

Speed Update Communion Display:


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