How to enter Activities in CMS?

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How to enter Activities in CMS?

PROBLEM: You have a group of people that are involved in a particular church group or activity and would like to produce lists, labels, letters and emails to that group.

SOLUTION: You can create an Activity Code and assign this code to those people involved in that activity! Once you have assigned the activity code, you can produce a variety of reports, lists, labels, emails and letters.

Enter Activity Codes

From CMS Membership, click Options | Define Codes | Activities.

This will list all activities currently entered in your CMS Membership System.

CMS offers a six-digit activity code that can utilize letters as well as numbers. This capability lets you group activities, interests and talents in a way that makes reports and labels easy to use.

Note how the following activities are organized. The first three digits of the activity code are letters abbreviating the activity area, i.e. ADM (administration) or ART (art and communications). The next three digits of the activity code are numbers sequencing the specific activities in each area.

You will need to organize and assign codes for your specific activities before you continue. Remember, you can come back and add additional activities at any time. You also have the opportunity to enter activity codes when you are entering activities for persons.

Click the Add button on the right side of the display to enter a new Activity Code.

Enter the Code and Description. The Leader, Phone, Additional Phone, Location, Day/Time, and Comments fields are optional. They will print at the top of the Activity Report. Click OK | Close when complete.

Click Options | Define Codes | Activity Status.

CMS lets you designate each person’s role in each activity. By setting up activity status codes, you can get lists of people interested in specific activities (i.e. future, interest, talent).

The following are example Activity Status Codes you may use. Click the Add button to create new Activity Status codes.

Entering Activities

1. If you have a time and talent sheet for an activity with many persons on it, you will enter all the persons for the activity at the same time.

2. If you have a time and talent sheet for a person with many activities selected, you enter all activities for the same person at the same time.

Print Reports

Once you have assigned the Activity Code to the appropriate members, you can now print a listing of those people who have been assigned that activity code.

From CMS Membership, click Reports | Activities.

Click the Activities button on the left and select the Activity Code. Click OK.

The Activity Report will print the Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Phone of those people assigned that activity code.

You can choose from a variety of other items to print on the report, including:

  • Unlisted Phone Number
  • Membership Status
  • Activity Beginning and Ending Dates
  • Business Email, Fax and Phone
  • Home Email and Additional Phone
  • Personal Email Phone and Pager
  • Activity Notes
  • Double Space

Click Print.

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