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How to enter new members/visitors to an Attendance Group and catch up missing weeks of attendance?

PROBLEM:  You've got some new members or visitors that you would like to add to your Attendance Worship Group, but when you bring up older, previously entered attendance dates to catch up missing weeks, they're not on the list and not in the Add to Group option.

SOLUTION:  Attendance Entry is all about timing!  

If you enter a brand new date while in the Enter/Edit Attendance display, the system will calculate all of those people who should be in that Attendance Group at that time.  Only those people who should be in that group at that moment will be displayed.

If you select a date that has been previously entered, the system will display only those people who were in that group at the time the date was originally entered.  

The Attendance System will not recalculate and insert those new members/visitors into the group since that date was initially entered.

However, there may be times when you want to play a bit of "catch-up" with some new visitors or members who should have been in a group prior to the date that they were initially entered into the group.

When you're entering a new member or visitor into your CMS System, chances are, you're doing the bulk of your entry from the CMS Membership System.

From CMS Membership, click Household/Persons | New Household and enter the new member/visitor information.  

Enter the family name, address, phone number, email information.  

Enter each family member's name, birthdate, member status, participation status, etc.

Click the View Person button at the bottom of the display and choose Attendance Tabs | Detail.

You will continue to remain on this person's data entry display, but now instead of entering Membership information, you can enter Attendance information!

Enter the Group, Date, and Attendance Code for any missing weeks of attendance.  

You will receive a message when entering this person into the group for the first time. "This person is not in the group you have entered.  Add this person without regard of the group's definition to this group?". Answer Yes.

NOTE: Be careful not to enter AHEAD of your normal group attendance!  If you have not yet entered that week's attendance for the rest of the group, do not enter that date into this new members/visitor's detail tab.

You can enter as many weeks as needed to catch up!

When complete, click the Membership link to go back into the Membership System (located in the upper right corner of the display).

You can now continue to enter data for this person or for the remaining family members, switching back to the Attendance System to enter the next person into your Attendance Group.

The next new date of Attendance you enter for that group will include the new visitor/member you entered!




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