Using the BDE Administrator to reset NET DIR location

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Using the BDE Administrator to reset NET DIR location

If your computer has another application that uses the Borland Databases Engine, such as ACS,  Hunter Systems, or the Word Perfect Office Suite,  the BDE Configuration Utility may no longer be available from the CMS for Windows Program Group. 

These applications may redirect the NET DIR to suit its needs. This will make for multiple PDOXUSRS.NET files in the system and will prevent you from using CMS in a Multi User situation.

A new BDE Configuration file must be created and directed to in the icon properties for CMS for Windows.

Close out of any CMS for Windows and/or Corel programs opened on that workstation.

Open C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE\BDEADMIN.EXE and change the NET DIR setting using this process.

On the Configuration Tab, choose Drivers | Native | Paradox and change the NET DIR setting.

Click into the Version row just under the NET DIR Setting (the BDE Administrator will not save the changes if the field is still highlighted).

Click Object | Apply | Save All Edits to Paradox, Yes.

Click Object | Save As Configuration | save with the new file name CMS4WIN.CFG in the (usually default) folder of C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE\ and exit out of the BDE Administrator. It will ask if you want this to be the new default, answer Yes.

Right click on the CMS for Windows icon, click the Shortcut tab, click into Target, directly after ...\Private" but before -W and type:

-o C:\Progra~1\Borland\Common~1\BDE\CMS4WIN.CFG

(Make sure you have a space before and after the new line typed!!)

Double click the CMS for Windows icon. If you get an error message going into CMS, you've incorrectly typed something in the icon. 

If you get into CMS without an error, that workstation is okay. Repeat with any other workstation that have both CMS for Windows and Word Perfect Office Suite.



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