How to enter Next Year Envelope Numbers?

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How to enter Next Year Envelope Numbers?

If you use the exact same envelope numbers each year, your CMS System will automatically carry those envelope number over each year when you run the End of Contribution Year process, and each contributor will continue to use their same envelope number!

However, there may be times when you want to change all or some of your envelope numbers... 

  • Your church purchases boxes of envelopes each year and have several gaps of unused envelope numbers. You can save the church money by reducing the number of boxes you need to purchase!
  • You may assign envelope number ranges based on a specific factor (Youth vs. Adult envelopes, Weekly Pledges vs. Monthly Pledges, Automatic Contributions vs. Traditional Contributions, etc.) and you now need to assign/re-assign those ranges.
  • The envelope numbers are just completely out of order and you want to start from scratch!

You can use the Quick Next Year Envelope Number Entry process to quickly assign and re-assign envelope numbers, then either print up labels for your boxed envelopes or produce a file for your envelope company.

REMEMBER AT END OF YEAR... If you've entered anything in the Quick Next Year Envelope Number process, the system will replace the current year envelope number whatever you have entered for a Next Year Envelope Number for everyone in the system!   So if you have left the Next Year Envelope Number blank for a member, you will remove that member's envelope number when you run End of Year.

Make sure you have a backup of your data before beginning this process.

From CMS Contribution, click Process | Quick Next Year Envelope Number Entry | Continue.

Depending on how you want to assign your Next Year Envelope Numbers, you have several options.

Did you want to keep the majority of envelope numbers the same and change just a few?

Then click the Replace with Current Year Envelope #'s button.  

This will insert everyone's current year envelope number.  You can now scroll down the listing and change only those people who need changing!  Click OK when complete. 

NOTE:  If you need to come back later to make more changes, just change those who need changing.  Do not click the replace with current year button if you come back in a second time to change additional numbers.

Did you want to manually assign envelope numbers based on a specific factor (Pledge Type, Contribution Type, Adult/Youth, etc.)?

If you have your own numbering system that you would like to implement, you can simply scroll down the alphabetical listing and manually type in the envelope number you want to assign to each member.

You can use the Quick Name Jump feature by simply typing in the last name of the person you would like to assign an envelope number.  Your cursor will drop down to that person's name, where you can press the Enter key on the keyboard and type in the newly assigned Envelope Number.

Repeat this process for anyone who will need an envelope number in the upcoming year.

Did you want to start from scratch and let the system automatically assign envelope numbers for you?

Then click the Assign Sequentially to Heads of House button.

This will bring up a display that will allow you to select based on Member Status and Participation Status.

Click the Member Status button  and include only those codes indicating Members, or those to whom you would like to assign an envelope number.  For example, you may not want to include the codes for Deceased, Transferred/Moved, etc.  Click OK.

You may also want to click into Participation Status and remove the codes for those Members who should not be assigned an envelope number.  For example, you may not want to include the codes for Homebound, Living in a Nursing Home, Military, etc.  Click OK.

You may also want to remove the checkmark at Include Person to be Removed.

Click into the Starting Envelope Number and indicate the very first envelope number you would like to assign.

Click OK.

The system will assign envelope numbers to those Heads of Household who met your Member/Participation Status selection criteria.  Starting with your first alphabetical Head of House, it will assign a number numerically and alphabetically to those Members.

Click OK to save your changes.

You can now print labels for envelope boxes or prepare a file for your envelope company for next year envelope labels. 

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