End of Contribution Year Checklist

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End of Contribution Year Checklist

There are several steps to completing the End of Contribution Year in CMS.

1.  Enter and Post all Contributions for the current contribution year.

Make sure you have entered and posted all contributions for the year.  Make any adjustment entries that you are aware of.

2.  Calculate Pledge Balances and Set Statement Date.

From CMS Contribution, click Process | Calculate Pledge Balances/Set Statement Date.  Type the last date of the current Contribution Year and click the Calculate button.

Even if your church does not utilize pledges, you must run this process to set the correct date for the Contributor Statements.

3.  Run a CMS Database Backup

From CMS, choose File | Backup.  Label and save these diskettes, CD-R, Zip disk, etc.  DO NOT OVERWRITE THIS BACKUP!  Store them off-site or in a safe place. 

You may also choose to make an End of Year Backup to the CMS FTP Backup Site.  

Click the dot at FTP Backup and click the up arrow at File Name.  The system will access your backup history.

At the FTP Backup File Name display, click the Add button on the right and add a new file and give it a name, such as 

2006 End of Year Database Backup 

and click OK.

Highlight this new backup file name and click Select | OK and follow the instructions on screen. 

Do not overwrite this backup as you make your daily/weekly backups in the future.

4.  Archive CMS for Windows

From CMS, click File | Utilities | Archive CMS.

This process will automatically create a copy of your CMS system and create a shortcut on the desktop.  This can be accessed at anytime in the future to print reports and reprint statements as needed.

You WILL NOT run End of Year on the Archived copy.

NOTE:  Norton AntiVirus software may detect the creation of the archive shortcut with the message "Alert: Malicious Script Detected" and the request "What do you want to do?".  Choose Authorize This Script and click OK to continue.

If you accept the default at this message, the shortcut will not be created and you will need re-run the process to create the Archive shortcut only.

You can also run the Archive process to create the Archive Shortcut Only in a network environment, if the archive process has already been run from another computer and you want to create a shortcut only to access that Archive from this computer.

5.  Print End of Year Reports

  • Alpha/Envelope Reference - Choose Reports | Envelope Number Listing | Alpha/Envelope Reference.  This report will display a simple listing of your current year contributors.
  • Click Reports | Congregation Weekly Summary | Print to your printer.  This report will display totals of how much was contributed each week to each fund.

Go to the last page of the report and make note of the YTD Total To All Funds.

  • Click Reports | Pledge & Contribution Summaries | All Contributors | Print to your printer.  This report will display how much each contributor has pledged and/or contributed so far this year.

Go to the last page of the report and compare the Total Contributions to All Funds to the YTD Total to All Funds on the Congregation Weekly Summary report you printed in Step #1.

These two numbers add up different things in CMS, but when printing the report for all people and all funds, they should always match!   

NOTE:  If your totals don't match, follow the steps in Contributor Statement - Detail doesn't add up to Totals to correct.

6.  Pint Contributor Statements

From CMS Contribution System menu, click Statements.  If you have not previously created Contributor Statements, click New Report on the right and give it the name Contributor Statements.  If you have a report named Contributor Statements listed, you can simply select that report.

You can follow the steps in How To Create Contributor Statements for complete instructions. 

7.  Run End of Year

From the CMS Contribution System menu, click Process | End of Contribution Year | Continue | Continue.

The End of Contribution Year process will prepare your pledges and contributions for the next twelve months.  It will analyze the data already entered to assist you in making the correct Year End Pledge Process choice for each fund.

Review the Year End Pledge Process options for each fund to ensure the pledges will handled correctly in the next, new year.

  • Advance Pledge Dates One Year - Choose this options only if you wish to use the CURRENT PLEDGES for the next year also.  DO NOT choose this option if you have entered pledges for this fund in the Next Year Pledge entry process.
  • Clear Pledges - Choose this option if the pledge is completed, or has not been entered.
  • Replace with Next Year Pledges - Choose this option if you have already entered your pledges for the next year.
  • Active Multi Year Pledge - Choose this option if the current pledge will be active next year and/or if you're in the middle of a multi year pledge.


Click Process after you have entered your Year End Pledge Process for each fund.

If you have entered Next Year Envelope numbers, those numbers will be made the envelope numbers for the next, new year.  

Batches already entered for the next, new year will be automatically renumbered starting at batch #1.


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