Correcting Stock and Non-Cash Contributions

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Correcting Stock and Non-Cash Contributions

PROBLEM: A correction needs to be made for a contribution that was posted as a Stock, Non-Cash, or any other Contribution Type where a description is required.

The normal Adjustment Entry process does not completely eliminate the original contribution.

SOLUTION: You can edit or delete the original contribution using the CMS File Editor.

Before you begin this process, make sure you have a current backup of your system

From your CMS Contribution System, click Find People and find the contributor with the erroneous contribution and go to their Contrib Tab.

Jot down the date of the contribution and the Contribution Type that was originally used.

In this example, we know the contribution date was 3/02/2008 and the contribution type was S.

Click File | Utilities | CMS File Editor | click OK to exit the Contribution System.

Click OK at the warning message.

Click the Select Table to Edit button and open DETAIL.DB.

Right click the very first date you see listed in the Date column and choose Filter.

At Filter for Date, type in the date of the erroneous contribution, i.e. 3/02/2008 in our example.  Click OK.

Now the only date you should see in the Date field will be the date you entered, but you may see several references to that date.

Scroll to the right and find the column Type.  Right-click into Type and choose Filter.

At Filter for Type, type in the Contribution Type you jotted down previously.  In our example, we'll use S.  Click OK.

Now you will only see the Stock Contributions posted on 2/19/2006 (or whatever your criteria actually entered).

Click the Edit button at the top of the display. This will allow you to make changes to the record.

Find the entry you would like to change and make the necessary changes.  

If you need to change a dollar amount, fund attribution, or description, just click into the appropriate field and make that change.

If you would prefer to delete the transaction and re-enter it from scratch, click into the row with the erroneous contribution and click the Delete Record button at the top of the display.

Once you have completed your changes, click Close to exit this display.

Next, click File | Utilities | Repost Utility.  Click Process.  This will recalculate the Quarter to Date, Year to Date, and Calendar To Date totals in your system, based on the newly edited contribution detail.

Once this process is complete, come back into CMS Contribution and click Process | Calculate Pledge Balances/Set Statement Date.

Click Calculate.

This will recalculate all of the Drive to Date totals in your system.

When the process is done, your changes to that entry are complete!  You can now either reprint a statement or re-enter the contribution from scratch if you deleted it completely.


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