Adjustment Entry vs. Combining Contributions... which to use?

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Adjustment Entry vs. Combining Contributions... which to use?

PROBLEM: There are times when you need to make corrections to a contributor’s record, but should you make an adjustment entry or combine the contributions?

Adjustment Entry

Make an Adjustment Entry for:

  • NSF checks
  • Contributions made to the wrong fund
  • An incorrect amount was posted to that contributors account
  • To move some contributions from one contributor to another

Contributions that have not been posted can be changed at any time. 

To change a posted contribution, create a new batch with the same date as the original contribution posting. You need to change only those contributions that were entered incorrectly. Correct the contributions as follows:

  • If no contribution was posted, enter the correct amount.
  • If the wrong amount was posted, enter an amount (negative to subtract, positive to add) which will correct the previous contribution.
  • If the wrong fund was posted, enter a negative amount to the wrong fund and a positive to the correct fund.
  • If a wrong person was posted, enter a negative amount to the wrong person and a positive amount to the correct person.

Once all of the corrections have been made, print the Batch Edit List to make sure it is correct and click Process | Post and post the corrected batch.

Combine Contributions

Combining contributions lets you combine one contributor’s YTD pledge and contributions with another contributor’s data.

Run Combine contributions when you want to:

  • Move contributions from a deceased contributor to the surviving spouse
  • All money was incorrectly posted to a non-contributor and you want to move it to the correct contributor
  • A duplicate contributor record was created and you want to move all contributions to one record and delete the duplicate

Use the following steps to combine contributions:

  1. Display the record (Summary Screen) of the person receiving the contributions (i.e. surviving spouse)
  2. Click Record | Combine
  3. Select the name of the person whose records are to be combined (i.e. deceased contributor) and click OK
  4. The system will ask you to verify the combining process. Click OK to complete the process or No to abort the process

The combine process does not delete or move the envelope number. If the situation calls for the envelope number to be moved, you can do that now.

Summarize Contribution Detail Corrections

If you prefer that the contributor’s statement not print adjustment entries, you can run a Summarize Contribution Detailed Corrections to “net” negative contribution correction amounts.

From CMS for Windows Contribution click Process | Calculate Pledge Balances and click the Summarize Contribution Detailed Corrections check box to combine contribution amounts to the same fund, on the same date, by the same person.

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