I just purchased CMS Membership... where do I start?

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I just purchased CMS Membership... where do I start?

PROBLEM: You just purchased the CMS Membership System and don't know where to start.

SOLUTION: First, review the Member Status codes that were installed or converted in your system.

Next, if you had data converted from another application, you will already see your names and addresses entered into the database.

If you did not have your data converted from another application, and are starting to enter your data fresh, you will not see names and addresses previously entered.

From CMS Membership, click Household/Persons to display the first family alphabetically.

NOTE: If you have names and addresses already entered in the system, it is a good idea to attempt to find a family that you intend to enter as new. This will eliminate duplicate entries.

You'll find there is a LOT of information you will be able to enter in your CMS System. However, there is a lot of information that can be entered in quick processes (Activities, Classes, Grade Levels, etc.)!

So the best place to start is with the basics. Enter the Surname, Label Name, Address, Phone, and Household Email information for the family.

  • Surname - Family's Last Name, Directory will be sorted by Family Surname.
  • Label Name - How do you want the labels to read? Mr & Mrs. John Smith, John & Mary Smith, The Smith Family, etc.
  • Special Address - Secondary address line or Building Name
  • Delivery Address - Street Address or PO Box
  • City - Defaults to Church City, can be changed by typing in correct information
  • State - Defaults to Church State, can be changed by typing in correct information
  • Zip Code - Defaults to Church Zip, can be changed by typing in correct information, accepts 5 or 9 digits
  • Phone - Type in just the 7 or 10 digits of the phone number, we'll format it for you when you press the (Enter) key on the keyboard
  • Email Add - Family email address
  • Title - Can be used to globally change label names, can be added to Directory

The Salutation, Group Code, and Unit Type fields can be entered using the Speed Update process at a later time after you get all of the basic information entered.

In the lower half of the Household tab, enter all of the family member's first and last name, birthdate, member status, participation status and gender.

  • Mailing Relationship - Head, Spouse, Youth or other. If only one member of married couple are members of your church, enter that Member as Head.
  • First Name - Member's First Name
  • Last Name - Member's Last name, defaults to Surname. Can be changed if Member's last name is different than family surname.
  • Birthdate - If year of birth is unknown, enter month and day, with 0000 as the year of birth. System will not calculate the age.
  • Member Status - See Member Status.
  • Participation Status - See Participation Status.

The Grade Level can be updated using the Grade Level Utility at a later time after you get all of your members basic information entered.

Once you get all of the household and person's data entered for the family, click the New Household button located on the right side of the display to continue to enter the next family's information.

or click the Main Menu button to return to the Main Menu.

Once you get all of your Member's basic information entered into the system, you will be able to enter them into Activities, Classes, enter their Attendance, enter and Post Contributions, etc.!

We recommend you now review the following Membership Training Videos to continue your CMS Membership Training:

Membership Basics - Household/Person Data Entry

Membership Basics - Maintaining House/Person Data Records

Membership Reporting Tools - Labels/Letter-Mailer

Membership Reporting Tools - List/Checklist


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