ConnectNow Church Accounting

Secure, Browser-based Accounting

Designed for Churches and Schools

ConnectNow Accounting gives churches and schools a powerful, browser-based fund accounting system that's affordable, easy to use, and designed just for the unique needs of faith-based organizations. Churches use the system to perform all their day-to-day and cyclical accounting tasks. Built-in controls support standard accounting practices and chart of accounts. And only ConnectNow delivers powerful reporting that mirrors the ministry work of the church.

For church plants and multi-site organizations, Consolidation Manager delivers real-time consolidations and reporting for a whole new level of productivity, collaboration, support, financial savvy and risk mitigation.

Ledger & Payables

Designed for the special needs of churches and schools, ConnectNow Ledger and Payables connects staff to their accounting records online — securely — from any computer with an internet connection. You’ll always have access to real-time financial records. Just log in for the information and reports you need. Track bills, deposits, projects, restricted funds, journal entries, budgets, and more. Anytime, anywhere.

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CN Ledger & Payables


Manage payroll, deductions, benefits, special clergy allowances, and personal time with confidence. Timesaving features like pay groups, automatic allocation to funds/departments, and an intuitive step-through payroll process make fast work of preparing checks or an ACH file for automatic deposits. All payroll is automatically tracked in your general ledger, so there’s never any need for duplicate data entry or special imports.

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CN Payroll

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is an easy-to-use system designed specifically to help churches and schools track invoices, due dates, payments, “customers,” deposits, and more, whether you’re renting church or school facilities, managing a cemetery, or charging fees for special services.

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CN Financial Consolidation Manager

Consolidation Manager

Designed for denomination headquarters, multi-site campuses, and other parent organizations, Financial Consolidation Manager helps your church plants or other entities get off the ground. Use this platform to standardize reporting, processes, training, and chart of accounts within a large organization.

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CN Financial Consolidation Manager

Fixed Assets

Do you know exactly what fixed assets belong to your organization? When they were purchased? What they're worth? Where they are today? With ConnectNow Accounting's Fixed Assets module, you can keep tabs on buildings, land, vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more. Ideal for large and small organizations alike, Fixed Assets supports informed management and reporting of the assets your organization owns.

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CN Fixed Assets

Ledger Report Writer

Get the data you want in the format you want. Ledger Report Writer lets you create custom consolidated or organization-level statements of activity and financial position from your general ledger. Use those statements to produce flexible reports that deliver real-time, accurate financial data for any given organization or your entire diocese at any time, for any period, directly from your chart of accounts.

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CN Ledger Report Writer

Compare with QuickBooks®

Churches that use QuickBooks are not only missing out on the benefits of a true fund accounting system, they may be leaving their financial records vulnerable. . . in ways pastors, finance councils, and staff may not even realize. Learn more.

Compare with CMS Ledger & Payables

As the next generation of CMS Fund Accounting, ConnectNow offers everything you like about your current software, and so much more! New functionality, improved security, and rich, flexible reporting make this product a must-have for your church. Learn more.

ConnectNow Accounting Suite
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